Not Me

Gordon Tsai


Description:Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31To the world’s eyes we may seem foolish trusting in Christ but Christ is the wisdom of God and the power of God.


Karen Lee


Description:Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:6-8; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Joshua 1:8When we read the bible it’s important that we take the time to reflect on what we’ve read and ask ourselves questions that allow God’s word to change us. Reading without reflecting is like chewing food without swallowing, we miss out on the nutrients that feed our souls.


Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Matthew 6:5-15; Ephesians 6:18-20The prayer closet is our private time with God when we pour out our hearts to Him.

Being A Giver

Mike Tam


Description:Scripture: Matthew 6:1-4, 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19; 2 Corinthians 9:7; Proverbs 11:25; Proverbs 22:9; 2 Corinthians 9:6Many people don’t think of giving as a discipline or contemplate the value of it to our own souls. But the discipline of giving anonymously actually frees us from the chains of materialism while helping others in need.


Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Matthew 6:16-18Fasting is a discipline that helps us to say no to our flesh and yes to the Spirit. Fasting in secret does not preclude us from being part of a corporate fast but it does call us to make sure our motivations are not to be seen as spiritual but rather to consecrate ourselves before the Lord.

Christ for the Little Ones

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Matthew 2:1-6When the Magi came to Israel they naturally went to the capital city of Jerusalem to inquire where the Messiah had been born. But it wasn’t in the big city amongst the cultural elites where Christ entered the world. Instead, it was in a small town to a poor family that the King of Kings came to dwell among us.

Of Kinship and Gospel: We, Christ's Church

Elder Mike Tam


Description:Scripture: Romans 16:1-27Paul's ministry touched many people's lives and we need to remember that ministry is not just about doing things but being in Christ honoring relationships with people.

Bold Humility

Pastor DeWayne Strange


Description:Scripture: Romans 15:14-33When we understand our purpose we can make decisions and live confidently before the Lord.

Body Life

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 15:1-13Practical expressions of humility and unity requires us to put others ahead of ourselves. It also means accepting one another. Unity allows us to glorify and praise God with one voice.

Love in Action

Wayne Kuo


Description:Scripture: Romans 12:9-21Our lives as Christ followers is not meant to be done in isolation but in community. What are the attitudes and practices that promote community and what are the ones that detract from it?

A Reasonable Response

Tim Ng


Description:Scripture: Romans 12:1-8The implication of the gospel is the sanctification of the saints that leads to a life offered to the Lord, wholly and completely. Our sanctification comes through transformation when our minds are renewed. A renewed mind thinks differently, sees differently, and values things differently.

It's Not Too Late

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 11:1-36God has not rejected the Jewish people but still extends Himself with the hope that the full number of both Gentiles and Jews will experience salvation. God's wisdom is revealed in His sovereign plan.

God's Sovereign Mercy

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 9:14-33Has God acted unjustly toward the non-believing Israelites? God has the right to extend mercy to whomever He chooses and to harden whomever He chooses. This is not an arbitrary choosing by God but based on His choice to extend mercy to all those who trust in Christ and to harden all those who reject Christ.

God's Sovereign Choice

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 9:1-13Paul anticipates arguments regarding the multitude of Israelites who are outside of God's plan of salvation through faith in Christ. Has God's promises failed? Why doesn't God save all ethnic Israelites? Why doesn't God save Israelites based on their obedience to the law? Because God has sovereignly chosen to save people based on their faith in Christ.

God Is For Us

Stephen Lu


Description:Scripture: Romans 8:28-39In spite of any hardships we may face in following Christ, God works out everything for good. Knowing this and His faithful love expressed in His incredible plan of salvation, we can conquer any challenge we face.


Gordon Tsai


Description:Scripture: Romans 8:18-27While eternal life begins now that does not mean that we have nothing to look forward to. On the contrary, creation, believers and the Spirit all groan like a woman in labor who anticipates the birth of a child. Creation groans for its liberation, believers groan for our resurrection, and the Spirit groans for God’s will to be done through our lives.

Spirit to Spirit

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 8:1-17There is no condemnation for believers because we've been set free from the law of sin and death, which said, "if you sin you deserve to die". The best indicator that you are a true believer is whether or not you are living in accordance with the Spirit.

Free Indeed

Elder Mike Tam


Description:Scripture: Romans 7:1-25Paul’s whole argument beginning in chapter 6 is that we should consider ourselves dead and released from the law and the power of sin. Now in chapter 7 we see more fully the futility of life under the law and how powerless we were to obey God. Who will rescue us from this life of futility? Jesus Christ, through His death and resurrection has set us free to live in a new way, not by the written code but by the Spirit!

Living Free

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 6:1-23As believers we were crucified with Christ when we trusted in Him as our saving Lord. Because of this we are no longer slaves to sin but we’ve been set free from needing to succumb to sin’s power over our lives. But in order for us to live victoriously we need to walk in light of the truth.

Reigning in Life

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 5:12-21Adam’s sin didn’t just condemn him, but the entire human race as well. But through Christ we have the opportunity to reign in this life and beyond. No longer are we bound by sin but we can live lives that breaks free from the entanglements of sin so we can reign over the enemy.

Peace With God

Ian Chang


Description:Scripture: Romans 5:1-11Most of us don’t realize that before coming to Christ we were enemies of God. This is because you are either for Him or against Him. There is no middle ground. There is no spiritual Switzerland. But now we have peace with God through Christ and we can live joy-filled lives, even when we suffer. Suffering leads ultimately to our hope because we know that God still loves us in spite of our troubles.

The Father of Our Faith

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 4:1-25Abraham is the archetype of our faith. He demonstrated his trust in God when he believed he would be given a son even though he was an old man.

Righteousness by Faith

Elder Mike Tam


Description:Scripture: Romans 3:1-31Both Jews and Gentiles are both under the sentence of death because of our violation of God’s laws. But God has made us righteous through our faith in Jesus.

Divine Heart Surgery

Pastor Rocky Seto


Description:Scripture: Romans 2:1-29Spiritual pride focuses on comparing ourselves to others. But the law of God informs us of God’s holiness and our own sinfulness. Even those who do not have the law have a conscience and that conscience tells them when they are living righteously and when they have sinned.

Our High Calling

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Romans 1:1-17Paul uses the word ‘call’ or ‘called’ four times in these first 8 verses. While Paul was called to be an apostle, we too have a calling. We are called to call people to follow Jesus. We may not have the title of an apostle but we should have the same heart as one. Paul understood that the gospel had the power to fully save people so he was not ashamed of it.

Peter - Restored to life!

Pastor Warren Eng


Description:Scripture: John 21:1-25The disciples had decided to go back to their fishing trade but Jesus’ call to them to be fishers of men was still in force. Peter, the outspoken leader of the group is reinstated by the Lord to ‘feed His sheep’. After denying Jesus three times the Lord now asks Peter to affirm his love for Him. Jesus predicts this love will be challenged as Peter will die a martyr’s death.

The King and His Kingdom

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 18:1-40When Jesus was arrested He knew what was going to happen to Him and He knew that this was His purpose in coming to earth. His kingdom was being established but it wasn’t an earthly kingdom but a heavenly one.

The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Rocky Seto


Description:Scripture: John 17:1-26Before Jesus’ passion, He prays for Himself, His disciples, and for all those who would respond to the disciple’s testimony. We can learn a lot about prayer by looking at the way Jesus prayed.

The Father's Love

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 16:16-33Jesus let His disciples know that they could go directly to the Father, asking Him for their needs. It’s important that we understand what it means to pray in Jesus’ name.

The Spirit of Truth

Pastor Rocky Seto


Description:Scripture: John 16:5-15Jesus would send the Holy Spirit after He ascended to heaven and the Holy Spirit would guide the disciples into truth.

Persecution Then and Now

Andy Puntahachart


Description:Scripture: John 15:18-John 16:4Jesus told His disciples that they would be persecuted by their fellow countrymen. He did this so they would be prepared. They would be put out of the synagogue and some would be martyred. Yet God would send the Counselor (the Holy Spirit) to help them testify about Jesus.Expect Persecution1) It makes us more like Jesus2) It is necessary (reality)3) It is for love

I Have Seen the Lord

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 20:1-31Jesus appears to His followers showing Himself to be the Lord of life since He conquered death. Thomas, was not there when Jesus came to the disciples and He refused to believe unless he saw for himself the marks from His crucifixion. Thomas represents all those who need more proof than just our testimony.

The Key to a Fruitful Life

Karen Lee


Description:Scripture: John 15:1-17Jesus said He is the vine and we are the branches. If we remain in Him we will bear much fruit.

The Counselor

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 14:15-31Jesus’ leaving was far from the tragedy that the disciples feared. The Holy Spirit came and His ministry is vital to our personal peace and the proclamation of the gospel.

In Jesus' Name

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 14:1-14Jesus made an astounding statement when He said that we would do even greater things than He did. The key to seeing this become a reality is to ask in Jesus’ name.

A Servant's Heart

Pastor Warren Eng


Description:Scripture: John 13:1-30When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples He was showing them what it meant to be a servant leader. Peter’s objection revealed the misconception that leadership is about prominence, privilege, and power.

Faith that Falls Short

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 12:37-50Following Jesus can be costly. There were some who believed in Him but they were afraid of being ex-communicated from the synagogue so they would not confess their faith. Will the praise that comes from man outweigh the praise that comes from God?

Purpose and Destiny

Rocky Seto


Description:Scripture: John 12:12-36Jesus’ hour has finally come. The last week of His life is filled with very clear teaching on his impending death and its significance. Jesus lived with a sense of purpose and destiny. Since our lives have been woven into the fabric of God’s story, we too have a purpose and destiny.

Expensive Worship

Rocky Seto


Description:Scripture: John 12:1-11Sometimes our acts of worship may come under criticism by others. Some may see them as wasteful or extravagant. Not everyone will understand the extent we may go to express our love for our Lord.

Spiritual Blinders

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 11:45-57Instead of accepting Jesus as their Messiah, the religious leaders saw Him as a threat to their nation and to their own place of power.

The Mystery of Divine Compassion

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: John 11:17-44Jesus is the resurrection and the life. This amazing statement provides us the assurance that death does not have the final word for believers.

God's Imperfect Timing

Stephen Lu


Description:Scripture: John 11:1-16What do you do when God doesn’t show up? How do you continue to have faith when all seems lost? Two sisters that were close friends of Jesus lost their brother and in spite of their plea, Jesus was nowhere to be found. Discover how to trust in God even when He doesn’t come through for us.

Evidence of Authentic Faith

Elder Rob Unoki


Description:Scripture: John 10:22-42Many of the Jews did not believe in Jesus because they were not one of Jesus’ sheep. They were not one of Jesus’ sheep because they didn’t believe that His teaching and His miracles proved He was God’s Son. God the Father gave these sheep to Jesus.

Making Disciples through a Culture of Love (Part 2)

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Luke 7:36-50As Jesus dined with a Pharisee, a woman of questionable character expressed her love for him by pouring perfume on him and wiping his feet with her hair. Jesus’ perspective about this woman is vastly different from the religious person’s perspective.

Making Disciples through a Culture of Love Part 1

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Scripture: Luke 7:24-35Loving people is the most important thing we can do. Unfortunately, Christians are not known for our love but for what we are against. We point out people’s immorality instead of doing what Jesus did such that we would be called ‘friends of sinners.’

All Things are Possible

Pastor Joe Yoshihara


Description:Luke 1:26-38Mary received the news that she was going to bear a child who would reign in God’s kingdom and be called the Son of God. She asked, how can this be since I am a virgin. To us God’s ways seem impossible but like Mary we need to yield ourselves to the will of God.

Leadership Worth Following

Pastor DeWayne Strange


Description:Scripture: John 10:1-21Jesus, as the good shepherd, leads, feeds, and protects His sheep. He cares for the well-being of those who would come under His loving leadership. Other religious leaders come to steal, kill, and destroy lives.